Standard BBQ Grills

Barbecue – Barbecues coated in refractory brick 1st quality and refractory cement. We have several models of grills, simple barbecue, with bench with panel with dishwasher, barbecue grills are simple to install, and fit nicely in any home. In the same reference may change the counter to the left or to the right, a dishwasher in a barbecue is a piece useful for your …

Brick Barbecue

The manufacture of barbecue grills standart measures is one of our bets. Here are the standart models for standard customers.
The standard brick barbecue models are the traditional models that you can purchase the standard prices. Grills at great rates. Besides the models of various sizes that you can enjoy on another page of the website. Choose a bbq that best fits you and invite your friends to have the premiere.

Your BBQ

JVP Barbecue is a manufacturer of BBQ Grills ans ovens, manufactures in Portugal a wide variety of barbecue in refractory brick. Of course it is not only the brick, cement, iron, etc. that make these our grills bricks. The commitment is best to make a traditional but with high quality product. Both in terms of materials and finishes, our factory is proud to provide good service to customers who choose our products. The company already has extensive experience in manufacturing brick barbecues and ovens, which has gone everywhere, inside and outside the country, and we want to continue this line of work. To do this, we will always continue to choose the best raw materials, but also a check on the final price for the final product does not come from the factory with a high price. Quality and price always well balanced. Our customers will be able to enjoy good barbecue at the best price, and take advantage of them in making good barbecue.

Their charcoal grills are a reality inside and outside of the summer.

Manufacturer Brick Barbecue

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