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BBQ Grill 219-TT

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BBQ Grill 219-TT

BBQ Grill 219-TT – This is a model that we created with the purpose of serving a customer that wants a simple barbecue and sometimes to places where there is the wall behind, and a little windy, and panels serve as protection to those who are working on the barbecue , and is a very strong element in the decoration because there creates a design very similar to the rest of the grill, and an affordable price. It also has a dishwasher in INOX on the left that can be installed on the right depending on the need of the customer, which is always very useful for the end customer. We removed the two lower shelves, in order to serve those customers who want the option of closing doors with aluminum or wood and stay with plenty of storage, and hidden easily.

BBQ Grill 219-TT

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BBQ Grill 219-TT
Ref. CH-219-TT
Measures: (cm)

Width: 240
Depth: 56
Height: 250
Grill Grates: 60 X 40
Transport: 1 Palet


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José Vigário Pereira is manufacturer of bbq grills and wood ovens, traditional Portuguese. Manufacturer of barbecues in bricks and traditional ovens. These products are manufactured in Portugal. All the material is subject to strict quality control to allow the end product is in the best possible quality. We can be proud to provide ovens and BBQ grills to all over the world with superior quality.

Note: The products displayed on the site, may present very small color variations in compared to products of the same reference in a live. The decorative accessories present in the pictures are not included in the base version of the product. Find response these and other details in their contact.


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