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Skewer stainless useful to roast suckling pig

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Skewer stainless

Skewer stainless to roasting pig in the oven

All spit in massive INOX, with fastener position, two parts to fix your food so you can turn the spit and meat run well. It is ideal for roasting pig, but can also be used for cooking chicken and other meat or even fish.

This stainless broach is a tool used by pig roast restaurants. In many cases our furnaces as well.

Ref. AC – 03

Skewer stainless useful to roast suckling pig in wood stoves

Skewers Stainless roasting pig in the oven
Length: 120 cm
Weight: 1.8 kg

Utensils for Ovens

Metal skewers. This stainless steel skewer is typically used to roast suckling pig in the oven.

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