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Oven kit with metal handle AC-02

Oven kit with metal handle

It’s a whole kit at INOX with four pieces, a shovel, a squeegee, a broom and a pitchfork. The function Shovel is placing food in the oven, stir, and removing food from the oven. The squeegee is to stir the coal into the oven, and can also help to stir the food. the broom is to clear the base of the wood oven when cooking bread, pizza or any food that is applied directly in the oven. The fork function is to assist when the need to move the wood in the oven, facilitating the placement of wood on the bottom of the oven. It is also composed of the support for these accessories. Being all in INOX is much more hygienic, and never run the risk of making rust

Ref. AC – 02

Oven kit with metal handle

Length: 150 cm
Stainless steel

Oven kit with metal handle


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