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Barbecue in Belgium

Barbecue in Belgium

One more customer in Belgium satisfied with our products manufactured by our company, JVP.
This Berbecue CH 117, with oven 100×100 cm, barbecue with interior measurement of 65 cm and bench with dishwasher in stainless steel.
Decorative panel in tile. It has two images and themes that the client can choose.
Barbecue manufactured refractory and refractory room, materials suitable for heat.
Order your barbecue in JVP.
We manufacture to measure and customer needs.
Another Barbecue in Belgium

Quality that is written with only three letters

, JVP.

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Barbecue with oven and bench, tile panel and sink. Barbcue 62 is manufactured in masonry, with refractory bricks. Made in Portugal

Another equivalent suggestion is CH 62… One Barbecue with a grill to make your grills, next door has an oven where you can make your culinary recipes. Beside the oven has a flap where you can put a dish or a dish and it always gives way, for those who work with grills of this dimension. This barbecue grill has a decorative panel in tile on the left side that can opt for this or another, also has a dishwasher in stainless steel where you can wash your utensils.
(Can be mounted from left to right, or from right to left)
But there may be some other grills that best suit you.
See the Catalog of Custom made grills

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