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Complete garden barbecue grill

Complete garden barbecue grill

This barbecue has everything essential for a garden grill, very functional. In addition to the grille area there are also traditional countertops, sinks and decorative panel tiles.

Garden barbecue grill

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Barbecue CH 218 AT

It is a barbecue, consisting of a bench to each side, and one of them with a dishwasher INOX, which can be placed on both the right and left, depending on what the end customer wishes. There is also a panel in front of each bench. On one side in brick and on the other side with a decorative panel in tile, which can either be placed on the right or left depending on what the customer most likes to see, and better fit the decoration.

Churrasqueiras Standard

Our Standard Grilles are grills with fixed measures and with first quality materials. We use brick and refractory cement which guarantees a final product of excellence. We have several models of standard grills where you can choose to choose one according to your taste or need.

Our barbecue grills are very simple to install and fit very well in any type of home. In the same barbecue reference you can change the counter to the left or right, put lava crockery or even choose a tile panel to your liking.

Barbecues – The manufacture of standard grills is one of our great bets. These models are traditional and simple models that you can purchase at great prices.

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